Proud Momma Bear!


Last night with Roxy Roca was a blast!

I don’t think I say enough how proud I am of my first band, The Bare Feat. It’s been such a pleasure to watch and help them grow and there are only bigger and better things to come. Including our first EP release at Stubb’s Austin on Friday, Feb. 20th! Don’t forget to snag a ticket! (here)


Experimental Release for an Experimental Artist



Thom Yorke is at it again. Once again, he has surprised us all (and surpassed U2) in creativity of album release; and we actually want to download it! Always at the cutting edge, or just the edge, of album releases – Radiohead’s Rainbows was released quite quietly for a chosen donation price. Pitchfork had all statements to the press from Thom Yorke as to why he’s chosen to release this way, saying he did it “As an experiment…” along with a slew of other valid reasons.

Thom Yorke’s new solo album, Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes is now available through Bit Torrent download here.

This begs the question for recent and future album releases – What’s the way to go, free choice download or forced?

ACLfest + Red Bull = Live Stream


For those not blessed enough to attend ACL fest for any reason, have no fear! With ACL’s new partner, Red Bull, fans can tune into the fest right from home. What’s the trade off? It’s only weekend two. Meaning, it’s not all the same artist’s playing weekend one ACL – but for free viewing, I think we can deal. ACL has posted all devices it’s accessible to on their blog post here. Scheduling comes out Oct. 6th.

So, the only question is, does this completely disregard the whole point of attending a festival, or is perfect for those die hard fans who can’t attend?

Soul Talk with Jeff Buckley


The late Jeff Buckley has been listed as Rolling Stone’s top 100 greatest singers of all time. Here’s a little snippet back in time, for a quick look into the singer’s mind. You can’t help but fall in love with his casual yet deep views of music, humanity, and self perspective. Take a listen below, and click here to get the full article.